Learning environment

The first LCMS (Learning Content Management System) Responsive Design and Multi Device certificate 9001 – 27001 – 31000. Edulife LCMS is the product of 15 years of good practice in the Open Learning sector. Edulife’s didactic technologies and methodologies make it possible to implement learning environments which accurately reflect the cognitive and learning styles of various professional fields.




Training management module

The application which enables you to manage to best effect all the economic and training aspects of your training courses, from personal details and course information, to lessons schedules, course catalogues, attendance records, project budget, etc.
training course catalogue
enrolment management
of activities

Competence management module

This application, through definition of core competences and role-specific competences, comparison of ideal and actual profiles, identification of improvement gaps, planning of development paths, helps identify areas for improvement and constantly monitors satisfaction and growth levels within the organization.

Competency mapping and assessment

profile definition
competency descriptions
competency assessment
information gathering
notes and

Performance Management

objective setting
indicators and weights
periodic assessment
final evaluation
summary and monitoring reports

Technical test

technical knowledge assessment
weighted questions
and answers
tests categorised by topic

Human resource management module

This service covers all aspects of personnel management: from definition of roles and competencies, to training, assessment, remuneration policy and objectives management. It ensures that human resource management units have all necessary information so that company goals may be achieved.

structural management and organigram
economic and financial planning
hierarchy management
reorganization of administrative units
survey requests

management of recruitment, employment, mobility, retirement, termination, internships,…
rewards system
detailed and summary reporting

Management and monitoring dashboard

This is a control panel which, through detailed and summary reports, provides at various organizational levels indicators which contribute to an overall picture (progress in training, company competencies, etc.) of the whole organization.


top management
middle management
summary overviews
growth of human resource capital
project monitoring

Multimedia content

This service involves creation of digital content (videos, multimedia lessons, drills, real cases, assessment tests) as learning supports and including a strong communication element. Development covers all stages, from planning, to identification of appropriate methodology, to drawing up the storyboard, graphic design, production and content finalisation.

content analysis
definition of learning indicators, targets and goals
choice of media (video, audio, text) and teaching aids
editing and finalisation of storyboard
content creation and publication (lessons, studies, exercises, tests)