egs service model

Edulife Global Service is the most comprehensive and innovative service of Edulife SpA, with twenty years of experience in the field of Open Learning

Simplify the complexity

With traditional e-learning providers, organizations are obliged to manage four cost centres, which has repercussions on implementation times and costs to be borne. With Edulife, however, only a single cost centre is involved and costs are directly linked to results.

e-learning providers

places people tools
one-off costs and monthly subscription costs for the platform, based on number of users
internal costs for the development, management and advertising of the training
internal costs for reporting management
costs for individual multimedia content

Edulife Global Service

places people tools
e-learning platform
management and facilitation of the professional community of practice
multimedia content

Value chain

A unique and exclusive audit-proof model intended principally for management of mandatory training and fully meeting the formal requirements of Compliance and the imperative of sustainability, ever more vital for organizations.
communication, methodology and didactic technology
provide access to organizations’ intellectual capital
convert knowledge into digital format
managing training processes (calendars, enrolment, attendance...)
stimulate the community of practice and the various professional fields
qualitative and quantitative indicator management

Edulife Learning App

communication and learning
the product or service is state of the art know-how to be communicated to the market
through an integrated learning module with the methodology of Edulife Learning App
promoting the generation of values both internal and external to the organization
reaching the end client and facilitating the promotion of an social learning model
open to potential clients available through viral communication on social networks