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Edulife Global Service

We will guide you through every stage of your staff training and your organization’s growth.
Edulife Global Service offers maximum returns on your investments

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We are the leading global learning service in Italy, with more than20 years’ experience in innovative teaching and learning processes.

We handle the technological context, the multimedia content, the management, didactic and learning assessment methodologies

Our products and services have been developed using the HRvalue chainmethodology

We help firms to draw up a staff development strategy with exclusive training materials formandatory training and for training of sales and post-sales staff


help people to achieve their full human and professional potential


promote organizations’ development as professional practice communities in order to improve communication, learning and the wellbeing of human resources

HR value chain

didactic communication
knowledge promotion in the digital era calls for a rethink of traditional forms of communication, from a transmission model (one to many) to a collaborative model (many to many)
didactic methodology
to develop and exploit competencies, there is a need for special technology to accurately evaluate content, processes and the experience of both individuals and various communities of practice
training technology
updating teaching and learning methods requires scientific competencies based on pragmatic methodologies and tools which facilitate co-creation and organisational sharing of knowledge



“Training is a vocation” – every project we undertake is entirely people-centred


we have been in the training business for more than a century.
We bring our long experience to bear on today’s challenges, day by day.


the Edulife Foundation guarantees scientific research and our innovative practices are backed by laboratories combining pedagogic competence, the latest communication techniques and state of the art digital


Edulife staff love their work. That is why they perform responsibly and with awareness, always favouring true collaboration, cooperation and human respect

Certifications and Regulations

ISO 9001:2015

This is the core structure that integrates and coordinates all other subsystems. The codification of the main processes, the definition of objective and measurable qualitative indicators, the monitoring, and the continuous improvements allow for homogenized extension on all other codifiedor certified subsystems. Amongst others we recall the management system of security and prevention within the workplace (Law Decree 81/08) or for privacy (Privacy GDPR).
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ISO 27001:2013

This management system concerns itself within formation security and continuity of the service it provides .ISO 27001:2013 represents the strictest Certification in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) sector as it demands a careful evaluation of risks and a consequent structured improvement plan, equivalent to the size of the corresponding economic risk.

ISO 31000:2009

This legislation represents a solid methodological reference for riskmanagement processes, from defining the scenario and evaluating risk, to a precise and relevant definition of the actions oriented to the treatment of such. The implementation of ISO 31000:2009,the refore provides greater quality guarantee ,along side a unique and more effective approach to risk management.

Regione Veneto

Recognition in the region of Veneto for Continuous Education.

Modello organizzativo D. Lgs. 231/2001

Edulife S.p.A aware of the need to promoteand consolidate a culture based on transparency and integrity, is aware of the importance of upholding a fair and honest conduct in each aspect of its business. In order to preserve its image and role, Edulife S.p.A has adopted a 'Control, Managerial and Organisational Model' that is in line with Law Decree 8th June 2001, n.231.
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Edulife S.p.A., very careful on the data protection of its Stakeholders, adopted every measure to be compliant with the CE 679/16 regulation, known as GDPR.
Download the client information  under REG. UE 679/16